What is Rpw

Rpw : Rowperfect for Windows (or just Rpw for short) is a Windows program to record and analyse training sessions done on a Rowperfect Classic. Rpw : Rowperfect for Windows is the Windows version of CARE/DOS, the original Rowperfect software.

To record, one needs access to a Rowperfect Classic equipped with a
Rowperfect PC interface or MkIV monitor. Analysis can be done "off-line".

Rpw : Rowperfect for Windows is the home-user counterpart of SEAN : Session Analysis (or SEAN is the "Pro" version of Rpw, whatever way you want to put it). Both programs are fully compatible. Download the spec sheet for a list of differences and similarities between the programs here.

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Try it

Would you like to try it? Send us a blank e-mail, resulting in an automatic reply with the latest version of the software attached. The software is also available for download using the Download page.

Please note Rpw can be downloaded, installed and used freely. To record data, a Rowperfect PC Interface is required, or the built-in demo data can be used. Analysis of previously recorded data is possible without the presence of an interface.

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Rpw is not available as a stand-alone product. It is part of the Rpw upgrade and the Rowperfect PC Interface package. Pricing details for those products can be found on our price list.

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