What is SEAN

SEAN : Session Analysis (or just SEAN for short) is a Windows program to record and analyse training sessions done on a Rowperfect Classic. Besides that, it can be used to organise training results in various ways.

To record, one needs access to a
ROWPERFECT3 rowing simulator or Rowperfect Classic equipped with an RP3 USB interface, Rowperfect PC interface or MkIV monitor. Analysis can be done "off-line".

SEAN : Session Analysis is the professional counterpart of both RP3W : ROWPERFECT3 for Windows and Rpw : Rowperfect for Windows). All these programs are fully compatible. Download the spec sheet for a list of differences and similarities between the programs here.

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Try it

Would you like to try it? Visit the download page or send us a blank email, resulting in an automatic reply with the latest version of the software attached.

SEAN, by default, will run in "Unlicensed" mode. This limits its functionality, though will give users an idea of what the software is capable of. To use SEAN to its full potential, it requires a license key. Users can request a "Trial" license key for free, to test drive the software with all its features for one month. To obtain such a license, follow the steps as described on page 4 of this manual.

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If you'd like to be kept up-to-date on improvements of SEAN, please send us an email and we'll add your name to our mailing list. You'll be informed on status, tips & tricks and promotions about three times a year.

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Pricing details can be found on our price list.

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